There is an old saying, “It is lonely at the top.” I’m not sure who said it but I can almost guarantee you the leadership was a “me, not we” style. The fact is that the higher up you are in the organizational chart, the more trustworthy people you need surrounding you. Notice that I said trustworthy. I have found these three types of relationships to be the most vital in my life:

The Jonathans. 1 Samuel 18 describes the friendship between Jonathan and David, saying that Jonathan had made a covenant with David. A covenant between friends is saying, “I’m in this friendship for you; my friendship does not depend on what you can do for me.” In this friendship you will pray for one another daily and share in joys and in sufferings. This is a do-life-together friendship.

The Pauls. I’m sure Paul needs no introduction to you. It doesn’t take too much time studying Paul’s letters to know that this relationship is for discipleship and accountability. Ideally, your “Paul” will be at least 10-15 years older than you with a deep knowledge of the Word and a proven walk with Jesus. This is the relationship that allows you to be transparent about your sin and struggles, while trusting the words and advice of your experienced “Paul.” This is a deep-level discipleship relationship in which you are being discipled.

The Timothys. Timothy can be described as a spiritual son and a ministry partner. This person will be at least 10-15 years younger than you with a hunger and thirst to grow spiritually. God often has a way of bringing a Timothy in our lives who not only needs discipleship for spiritual growth, but may also need to be mentored in ministry. This is a deep-level discipleship relationship in which you are the discipler.

God did not create us to do life on our own. As believers, we have the blessing of the church. Loneliness does not have to consume us at any point in our lives if we are living intentionally in the “we” instead of the “me.” Look around you…can you identify a Jonathan, Paul, and Timothy?

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