A B O U T   M E 
I love the four “F’s” of life: FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP & FOOD. Over the course of my lifetime, God has grown me in each of these areas while also given me a few platforms to share what I’ve learned in my journey so far.  My desire is to be faithful in the moment I am in while working toward my next right step. This doesn’t mean my life is easy or neat and pretty (far from it…trust me). My goal is to be as real as I possibly can about my life without harming anyone I love in the process. My prayer is that God will use my transparency to encourage any woman at whatever stage she is at in life.

A B O U T   M Y   F A M I L Y
I have been married to a wildly handsome man since September of 1997. Scott is a skilled businessman and natural born leader that God called out of the business sector and into the medical field after the devastating loss of his mother. He is the most disciplined person I have ever met. Crossfit is his guilty pleasure. He loves spending time with “his girls”. And he has the best smile I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

I’ve been a mom since 2000. First to Hannah Grace. God saved the mold he used to make me and he re-used it on her! She’s also a natural-born leader with a side of musical gifting and a love of all things fashion. We are enjoying a front seat view watching God build her passion for leading worship and ministering to others through domestic and foreign missions. Next up was Emily. Emily was born an easy-going lover of people. She is a master of memorization and often helps keep this mama’s to-do list in line.  Emily has discovered her niche in sports in the recent years. We have loved watching her dive to the gym floor for a volleyball or defend against her opponent on the soccer field.

Together, my family loves to travel and we are self-proclaimed foodies. Give us a road trip and throw in some fabulous restaurants and we are happy people!

A B O U T   M Y   M I N I S T R Y
My ministry in the local church began in September 2001 and has included every position you can think of from worship leader to an executive, but I am now seeing the fruit of God’s pruning and refining in the areas He has made the strongest: leadership, worship, prayer and women’s ministry. My passion is to see believers walk freely in the identity Jesus has given them through His work on the cross and the power of His resurrection and to be used mightily by God to build The Kingdom. 

I am the President and Executive Director of KNOWN Ministries. My family and I are active members of Sherwood Baptist church where I serve in the Intercessory Prayer Ministry each week.

A B O U T   T H I S   B L O G
You can expect to see a melting pot of topics here: faith, health, food, parenting, marriage, ministry, leadership, friendship. I’m not restricting my blog topics because it is impossible! My life has too many facets. What I can tell you is that everything will be from a woman’s point of view because…well, I am one.

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