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There is an old saying, “It is lonely at the top.” I’m not sure who said it but I can almost guarantee you the leadership was a “me, not we” style. The fact is that the higher up you are in the organizational chart, the more trustworthy people you need surrounding you. Notice that I said trustworthy. I have found these three types of relationships to be the most vital in my life: Continue reading


In December 2014, I wrapped up one year of intense leadership coaching through Building Champions. My coach was a true coach in every sense of the word. She walked me through a detailed life plan, helped me set goals, and then spent the rest of the year standing behind me with a voice of encouragement. She gave me tools to help correct my sometimes weak leadership thinking. She helped me to see where I had gotten off my vision course, identify my weak spots, and empowered me to strengthen them. She even grieved with me through some tough times. I found my coach to be an essential component to 2014 being a success and I want to tell you why you should think about having a coach of your own in 2015.

To know your life purpose. Until I was coached through a Life Plan and Ministry Vision Plan, I could not tell you what I thought my life purpose was. Once I fleshed out the things that are most important to me; learned more about my personality, talents and spiritual gifts; and set my long-term goals, my life purpose came alive: Continue reading