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“Less Work. More Productivity.” This is the best oxymoron I’ve put to the test and proven to be true. When my girls were very young, Scott and I had a desire that my work would always be secondary to our children. That meant I would work while they were in school and end my work day when school dismissed…that I would be available for special school functions and parties…that I would be with them on days that school was out and make it through the summers without a baby sitter. It was, and still is, a difficult goal to achieve. Sometimes I do not hit the mark, but most of the time I do. It isn’t easy. It is intentional.

My children are now teenagers with hectic lives and my ministry responsibilities have increased ten-fold; but as I continually learn to protect my work week the more my family time increases and so does my productivity.

Do you think it would be impossible for you to work less than 8-10 hours per day? This article, by Robert Locke, uncovers some of the ways I have protected my five hour work day and has given me a few new ideas to implement. (For the record #1 and #3 have always had the potential to suck my time and productivity away and are at the top of my how-to-succeed list!)